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Founded by Total in 2014, the Young Graduate Program is an innovative initiative targeting newly graduates from more than 30 African countries in which we operate. The program is an opportunity for them to discover working life through a genuine hands-on professional experience while benefiting from international exposure just after graduating from university.

Total is then supporting the young Africans to enter the job market by enabling them to improve their employability. This program is a powerful evidence of Total’s commitment in Africa where we act as a responsible economic player.

A program Up to 18 monthS Including 12 months of expatriation

The Total Young Graduate program is a structured pathway that can go up to 18 months. It includes two key phases*:

  • 6 months with a local contract in the country of origin’s affiliate: the newly graduates receive training through jobs in finance, business or operations.
  • 12 months of expatriation in another entity of Total in Africa or at the Headquarters in Paris to enhance the experience acquired during the first phase. This international step enables them to discover new horizons and to develop human and inter-cultural skills.
  • Since 2014, more than 450 young graduates have been able to benefit from this program.

*The transition to the phase 2 depends on the results of the evaluation during the phase 1 (after 3-4 months)

To benefit from the program

you need to be:

  • At least a Master’s degree
  • A graduate with less than one year of experience and less than 26 years old.
  • A native from one of the African countries in which Total operates.
  • Geographically mobile
  • Fluent in French and/or English.

Some key figures:

36 affiliates welcome Young Graduates

More than 450 Young Graduates have joined the program since 2014.

45 % of them are women.

+ 100 partner universities are in the program.

Approximately 80% of the Young Graduates have found a job at the end of the program

To apply for this Young Graduate program in your country of origin, go to the Total affiliate websites and follow the instructions indicated to do so.

Please check an answer for every question.
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