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02/02/2018 News

From Team Total to Banda Island to the GSF: Team Banda’s Big Adventure

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Remember Team Banda? In 2017, the team from Indonesia’s Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology received Team Total funding for their proposal to bring clean water to Banda Island, using an eco-distillator for sea water with a solar photovoltaic pump. We have enjoyed following their progress since then and are proud of this daring team’s commitment to realize their project. Although the team were awarded a Team Total Innovate grant, it’s clear that they also worked hard to ‘Make It Better’!

The team’s efforts in delivering a successful project led to Total sponsoring Team Banda to attend the Global Student Forum (GSF) in November 2017, joining other two students from the Board of European Technology (BEST) at the event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read more about our activities at this inspiring event here, and see our interviews with Team Banda and other GSF students on this page.


Presenting the Banda Neira project to a global audience

The GSF brings together increasing number of students from around the world to discuss the future of engineering education. The theme of this year’s event was 'Sustainability: Green Engineering and Beyond’, a great fit for Team Banda’s Azka, Sabila and Fericko to present their Team Total story to a global audience. Fericko recalled, “We were very happy when we were invited to attend GSF, and we spent a lot of time preparing, especially for the presentation about our Team Total project.” Azka added that, “Not only did we get to share our project and hopefully inspire other students, but we also got a new perspective on our work from the people we met at the event. Now we hope to develop our project even further.”

GSF students were fascinated to hear about how Team Banda brought their Team Total project to life, including some of the challenges that they encountered. For a start, they were faced with travelling to the remote location of Banda Island. Azka explained that, “It took a whole day to get from our city to this island – we had to take a bus and then 3 boats to travel there!” Sabila noted that teamwork and communication were critical right from the start of the project and throughout the application process.


Useful advice for #TeamTotal2018 students

What tips did Team Banda have for students who are considering applying for the next edition of Team Total? Fericko suggested that preparation and planning are key. “There’s a lot of work in putting together an application for a grant from Team Total. Most people will only think about the technical aspects of their project – but you also need to deal with finance, time management issues and communication.” 

The team also advise looking close to home for inspiration. Fericko’s advice - “Try to solve real problems that people in your country have.” Azka had another suggestion, “Always think about developing projects that would be useful. For us, engineering has to be at the service of a bigger purpose. Look at the wider context and the social implications. In our case, we looked at the potential of our country - we have technology and a lot of water - and from this we came up with the Banda Neira Project.”

Finally, could Team Banda’s trip to the GSF inspire their next big idea? Fericko certainly agreed: “Meeting people from all over the world at the GSF has been an inspiration. To me, multicultural events always bring together great ideas.”

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