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Support Roles


In a company such as Total, operating in 130 countries across the entire energy value chain, Support roles are some of the most cross-functional professions in our entire organization. They provide our Group with the fluidity and resources essential to its success in a sector that is constantly reinventing itself.


Our Support roles cover a wide range of skills and expertise: procurement, marketing and communications, commercial law, finance, governance, general services, human resources, administrative services, medical services, and IT and telecommunications systems. Support professionals carry out their work in a wide variety of contexts offering a stimulating and diverse experience.


The human factor is also an important aspect of these professions and is a key corporate value as demonstrated in our day-to-day operations. Our Group truly cares about creating unique ties with all its stakeholders in all the countries where we operate. These Support roles, where listening is essential, are an abundant source of social encounters, collaboration and dialog.



A few of our professions in this sector


  • Online/offline communication manager
  • IS project manager
  • Legal expert
  • Management controller
  • Auditor
  • IT engineer
  • Recruitment officer
  • Payroll manager
  • Risk manager
  • Accountant
  • International tax specialist
  • Network architect 
  • Developer
  • HR admin manager 
  • Marketing studies manager


What our people say about their experience

  • Collaborateurs en salle de visioconférence au 12e étage de la Tour Coupole, La Défense.
  • Super calculateur HPC (calcul de haute performance) : James Scarborough, technicien, sortant une lame de calcul.
  • Merveilles ANDZILANDO, correspondante reporting RH et Destie BOWAO, gestionnaire de carrière, dans l'immeuble Total Poincarré 1, à Djeno.
  • Un candidat au cours de la finale du "Challenge Data Science" au Lab innovation. Tour Michelet, La Défense.
  • Jonathan Jay et Antoine Liane. Bureaux de Total Nuevas Energias Chile - Sunpower. Santiago, Chili.
  • De gauche à droite, Elodie HARDY, Eric JACQUES et Delphine LEMANCEAU, du service ressources humaines. Raffinerie de Donges
  • Super calculateur HPC (calcul de haute performance) : salle de stockage des données.
  • Participation de Total au concours du meilleur développeur de France, organisé pour la 4ème année par la société Ametix, au Théâtre de Paris.
  • Le Booster, lab innovation. Tour Michelet, La Défense
  • Challenge Innovathon GRP au Booster, lab innovation. Tour Michelet, La Défense

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