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Operations & Logistics


Industrial operations include around a hundred different professions responsible for the operation, inspection, maintenance and logistics of our industrial sites (production, transformation and distribution). These roles consist of optimizing the availability and profitability of the Group’s facilities and supply chain while continuously ensuring their integrity, safety and environmental protection in accordance with the highest standards.


These professionals are responsible for keeping our facilities viable in the long term by passing on efficient industrial tools designed to last (often for many decades) and which are in line with our vision of a responsible energy future.


Our highly diverse industrial sites, located around the world, offer a variety of career opportunities as well as a rewarding human experiences, thanks to the varied nature of the challenges our operations and logistics teams face.



A few of our professions in this sector


  • Head of onshore/offshore operations
  • Platform technician
  • Head of commissioning
  • Methods engineer
  • Operations engineer
  • Logistics engineer
  • Land surveyor
  • Subsea systems specialist
  • Head of mining engineering (planning, topography, new build)
  • Electrical engineer
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Warehouse manager
  • Transport manager
  • Mining operations manager
  • Air logistics coordinator


What our people say about their experience

  • Opérateurs en inspection dans l'usine. OML58 Up grade, station de pompage d'Ogbogu.
  • Découpe du pipeline. OML58 Up grade, NOPL pipeline, Owaza node.
  • Le méthanier de 180 000 m3 SK Audace navigant. Corée du Sud.
  • Hans-Jürgen Unverricht, opérateur sur la station chargement camion, et Bernd Wittig, chauffeur. Plateforme expédition de la raffinerie de Leuna.
  •  Didier Heureux, Responsable Chargement Opérationnel, et Véronique Fantesini, Responsable Communication TPF et TRTF Service logistique, Usine polymères de Feluy.

Keen on adventure?

Antoine LENOBLE, coordinateur de la sécurité du groupe, dans les bureaux de TOTAL Chine, Pékin.

Our tips to apply

Your professional plans, resumé and more: our tips for a successful interview.

La Total Energy Summer School a rassemblé 84 étudiants venant de 33 pays différents, 75 experts de Total et de l'industrie et 40 professeurs des chaires et universités partenaires de Total. Au cours de ce programme intensif, les étudiants ont planché en groupe sur trois sujets : " Vers une énergie meilleure ", " La salle de classe du futur " et " Exploitons le potentiel de la diversité ". Les professeurs et experts de l'industrie, quant à eux, ont travaillé ensemble sur différents thèmes tels que l'innovation, la R&D et les partenariats universitaires.

Looking for an internship or apprenticeship?

Our internships, apprenticeships and VIE positions are gateways into game-changing projects that will give your career wings.

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