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We value our diversity. So we’re not looking for women and men who think alike: we’re looking for candidates who believe in the same values as us and see the world like we do, for open-minded, daring and caring people in tune with the Total spirit.


What we expect from candidates

Get to know Total and what we do

Knowing Total of course means finding out about our fields of expertise. But it also means embracing our ambition for responsible energy and understanding the big challenges we are tackling in our businesses. All that is one click away, here and on

Think big and aim high

One thing we all believe here at Total is that we can make a positive difference in the world, by supplying cleaner, safer and more available energy. When we read your cover letter and meet you, we will want to find out what you can do to help us advance towards that ambition, what you think you can achieve in the job you are applying for, and how you can create value.

Make sure you have the right skills for the job

Do you have the years of experience we need? Are you fluent enough in the host country’s language? All the requirements in our job offers are there for a reason and we can’t make exceptions. We only review applications, for technical or support-role jobs, that meet those requirements (academic backgrounds, skills and experience).

Fine-tune your application

We like applications that are intended to us only. Show us you want to work with us in a letter telling us precisely why you are interested in Total in general and in that job in particular, using your own words. Double-check your application for typos and other mistakes, and look your best for the interview, to give it your best shot.



What is the Total spirit?

The Total spirit is tantamount to believing in the Group’s five founding values—safety, respecting each other, pioneering, standing together and a performance-minded approach—which we have honed throughout our history and tailored to our specific areas of expertise. Our people bring these values to life wherever they come from and whatever business line they work in. The Total spirit is also about watching out for others and aiming high in teams. We do everything we can so we can make values such as listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness reach out across the Group day after day.


You’re up!

Please check an answer for every question.
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